Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Slimfit: a fat-burning juice drink

I can't control my craving for the taste of sugar and carbonated drinks. My resolution to quit drinking Coke was a failure. I still craved for it and found myself still drinking it every meal. To cut down my intake, I decided to replace Coke twice a day with another drink which could satisfy my craving for sweets. I decided to try out SlimFit powdered drink.

SlimFit is a powdered drink which contains 50 mg of Teavigo which enhances the body's metabolism, 150 mg of Carnipure (L-carnitine) which supports fat oxidation or fat burning and All-Q (Co-enzyme Q10) that boosts energy production in cells. It is said to be sugar free, caffeine free and calorie fee. It comes in a box of 6 sachets. One sachet is mixed with 200 ml of cold water. The recommendation is to take it twice daily. What I like about this is that it is like drinking ordinary juice. It also has its artificial sweetener so it doesn't tastes bland at all. The tropical fruit flavor even tastes like strawberry. :)


  1. Sorry for the super duper late reply. I got busy with work and I got bored with running too so I didn't check this blog for such a long time. Anyway, I'm back! I'm still having my weight issues but I found this facebook group with is really awesome.. It's like a support group for those who want to lose weight so I'll be blogging about this in the next few days...
    About SLIMFIT.. I think it's still out in the market. I think I saw them being displayed in the major supermarkets in Metro Manila. Check out SM groceries! :)



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