Saturday, March 6, 2010

Propel vs Vitwater

I told my friend that I have a hard time losing weight because aside from the fact that I love eating, I also don't like drinking water. I told her that I like drinking Coke Zero and for the past few weeks I've been able to control my cravings for it by shifting to iced tea. She then advised me to try out flavored water like Propel.

Propel is a vitamin water (from the makers of Gatorade). It comes in different flavors like lemon and orange. A 300 ml bottle contains 11 kcal with vitamins E and C. This sells for P16.50.


Another flavored drink that I discovered today while grocery shopping was Vitwater. It comes in different flavors but I decided to buy the kiwistrawberry Vitwater Trim because aside from the vitamin B complex added to the drink, it also has 200 mg of L-Carnitine. Each 350 ml bottle of Vitwater contains 50 calories. This sells for P15 only.


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