Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rexona Run 2010

I woke up at 3:30 am today for the Rexona Run 2010. I only had 5 1/2 hours of sleep but I was instantly out of my bed when my sister woke me up! Unlike my previous races, I wasn't nervous at all for this particular run. I lacked preparation actually since I didn't have any time for serious running this week and I just spent yesterday morning brisk walking and chatting with my friend around the campus parking lot for 30 minutes. :) Probably it was the thought that I was only running 3k which made me more confident this time (since I already did 5K in Milo).

My sister, friends and I arrived at Mall of Asia one hour early from the 3K and 5K runners' assembly time. It was great because we were able to stop by a convenience store to eat a bit (ube cupcake and KitKat for me!!! ) and we were able to park easily. I even saw Bull Runner with her hubby (i think!)... wala lang!!! ( I just read her blog that's why I know her. I can't believe she's super sexy despite the fact that she has 2 kids already!)

I thought it was gonna be a rainy Rexona Run but it wasn't. The air was a bit cooler this morning and it was a bit cloudy too so I didn't have to worry about not putting on sunblock. Wouldn't it be nice if the weather will always be like this in the other races?

So what are my thoughts about the Rexona Run? As expected, it was great since it was organized by Runrio. I felt that the organizers were much careful now. Was is because of the Milo incident???

Here's what I liked about this race:
1. The race started on time. ( I actually pity those who were late... How can anyone be late for a race??? It's like you prepared days and weeks for the race and then you end up being late! That would be a total nightmare for me!)
2. There were a lot of marshals. They were practically everywhere to guide the runners- from the assembly line to various points along the race route.
3. There was ample supply of sports drink and water.
4. There were huge markers. ( What's nice about the Runrio races is that even if you don't read the map before the race, you still won't get lost.)
5. There was a group warm-up before the race.
6. There were last minute reminders for runners to stop running if they experience particular body signals like dizziness, difficulty of breathing etc .
7. There were already prepared loot bags for the runners. ( No more long lines to get freebies!).
8. There was a loud countdown. ( I prefer this one rather than a single gunshot like in the Milo Run)
9. The ChronoTrack System (D-Tag) was used to have accurate race results.
10. And lastly, the Photovendo. I'm hoping for better pictures this time. :)

So what's the down side for this race? For me it was Coach Rio himself!!! I actually saw him and asked him if I could take a picture with him but he turned me down! :( He said that if he would agree, everyone will follow raw! Hmmm....So that was a major disappointment for me! ha!ha! Just imagine going to Disneyland and you see Mickey Mouse...of course you would want to have a picture taken with him right??? ha!ha! Same goes with iconic Coach Rio... He just said " mamaya na lang..." ( As if I'd go and look for him right?)

Assembly Area

Waiting for the countdown....

I think this was the most relaxing run I've ever had.
It was probably the weather which was conducive to running.
I even didn't feel that tired or out of breath compared to my other races.
I think I'll have to do 5K races from now on....

Watching other runners cross the finish line.

The Shirt

The Meeting Place after the race.


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