Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rexona Run 2011 Race Results

I finally saw my race results today for the Rexona Run last July 24. I thought that my tag didn't work because initially I couldn't see my stats. I'm actually surprised that I did well because I didn't prepare at all for this race since I got sick the week prior to the event. Actually I'm more inspired now because I realized that I can run 3k in less than 30 minutes! ha!ha! I can't believe that the fastest runner in the 3k category just took 6 mins and 40 seconds to finish the race. Grabe! That was super uber fast!

My thoughts about the race:
1. It seems that there were lesser people who joined the run compared to last year.
2. How come there weren't any energy drinks in the hydration stations? Now they only gave out water...
3. There were only few items in the loot bag.
4. People still need to endure long lines just to get freebies.
5. The only thing I enjoyed was the free twin popsicles for runners! ha!ha!

If you want to find out your stats, visit this site.

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