Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The SlimFast Diet

Have you tried the SlimFast Diet? I tried it once but as usual, I failed to lose weight.

Slim.Fast Diet is supposed to be a meal replacement plan that allows you to eat up to six times a day. I tried the milkshake-style drinks (because that's the one available in the local supermarket) that you have take instead of the usual food the you eat at breakfast and lunch. But I ended up craving for more food! ha!ha!

The main concept is that you take the SlimFast meal replacement at breakfast and lunch and eat a healthy 600-calorie meal in the evening. Each SlimFast meal is said to be nutritionally balanced so you don't have to take additional vitamin supplements, unlike many diets.

If you want to try it, visit the slimfast website.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    My best friend tried it once. It worked for a while, but just for a while... I haven't tried it, though. :)



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