Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Weight Loss Secret

I still don't have any luck with my dieting plans. I'm still stuck with my coke zero addiction and 3 out of the 4 slimfit boxes I purchased 1 month ago are still unopened.

I really need some motivation!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I came across this article regarding Jessica Simpson's Diet. I'm so envious. I saw her sooo fat and now she apparently lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks! Her trainer, Harley Pasternak, said that Jessica has exercise sessions with him 5x a week. She then follows a diet plan which he calls the "5 Factor Diet" and then has a one day off to eat anything.

Here is Jessica's Typical Diet Day:

Breakfast: Scrambled egg with toast and grapefruit. Coffee with Splenda.

Snack 1: One cup of fat-free ricotta cheese and two cored pears, cut into wedges. Diet soda.

Lunch: Chicken breast sandwich with mustard and a side of black beans. Diet Snapple.

Snack 2: Carrot sticks with onion dip made from non-fat sour cream, non-fat cream cheese and one tablespoon dry onion soup mix.

Dinner: Indian-style chicken breasts with curried yoghurt sauce (made from non-fat plain yoghurt, one teaspoon of curry powder and peeled cucumber) served with brown rice. Green tea.

Now I have to do more research about Pasternak's 5 Factor Diet. It looks promising because I get to drink my fave diet soda!!!


  1. wow, where did u get that info? galing mo sa research ah.. magaya nga yan.. hehe..joke! :D



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