Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Day Run 2010

Earth Day Run 2010

I'm going to register this week for National Geographic's Earth Day Run 2010 at the Mall of Asia on April 18, 2010. My sister told me about it and I told her that the next time she joins one, she should inform me also because I'm interested. She immediately handed me a registration form. She said her friend already reserved slots for us. I decided to register to force myself to exercise!!! If I'm not going to do this, when will I start right? I might end up obese for the rest of my life!!! Of course, I'll see if I can run or walk for 3K or 5k. I'm going to prepare for 2 weeks but if it's impossible to do it (since I 've been living a sedentary lifestyle!), then I'll just pass this one. At least, I get to keep the NatGeo free shirt! :)

Wish me luck guys!

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  1. Wow, Good luck! Its a big event, I've never tried a running event before.

    Thanks for dropping by at my site :)



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