Sunday, April 4, 2010

This is it!

This is it! I finally registered for the Earth Day Run last Monday. I just chose the 3-kilometer run since this will be my first running event after years of sedentary lifestyle.

I started preparing for the event three days ago. I woke up early in the morning and went to my former college campus for one hour of jogging...i mean.. walking!!! I didn't want to push myself on my first day of exercise so it was more of 10% jogging and 90% walking!!! As expected, I was perspiring and breathing heavily after just a few minutes...but thank God I didn't faint! ha!ha! Anyway, this has been my morning ritual for the past three days and I'm hoping I'd stick to it for a healthier lifestyle.

Will I be ready in time for the Earth Day Run on April 18? Ahhh...I'll just have to wait and see!


  1. Hello there! Thanks for dropping by in my blog. I wish I could join the Earth Day you, I'm having a little issue about my health/weight.

    Hay life.

  2. Im planning to join too, perfect kasi dito lang yan sa baba ng office namin. Ü

  3. wow! good luck! dream ko makasali sa marathon. kelan kaya?

    thanks for dropping by!


  4. thanks for dropping by my page sis ;) why don't you make a chat box?!

    anyways, goodluck on your goal sis.



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