Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jittery Me!

I woke up a little late today. The sun was up already and it was so hot but I managed to finish my usual 3K run. Tomorrow's the big day and I'm nervous again. When I think about it, I should be more confident now because my preparation for this race is much longer. But I'm still scared of being the last one running tomorrow....


  1. goodluck sis! you can do it ;)

  2. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog, Life is a Highway. Make running an integral part of your life and, believe me, you'll reap the benefits. I hope to meet you in one of the races soon.

    By the way, the pic in your post is a shot of the Gesu driveway fronting Bel field. Are you an Atenean as well? If you are, OBF!

  3. Hope you had a nice 3K today...if not, there'll be many more :-)

  4. I had a great 3K run today! Thanks! :)



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