Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nature Valley Run 2010

Nature Valley Run was!!!

I woke up at 4am and arrived at the Fort around 5:20am. There was a bit of tension looking for a parking space since there were a lot of participants already. Despite this, my friends, my sister and I managed to be at the starting line a few minutes before the race.

There were 11,000+ runners who registered for the Nature Valley Run but still, I didn't feel that the place was crowded. I loved the countdown before the start of the race. It really pumped me up and I actually was more excited than nervous ( a complete opposite of what I was feeling yesterday).

I mostly walked during the race. Hopefully next time, my running time will be much longer. I was already panting during the last stretch of my 3K run but nothing beats the sense of fulfillment and joy of being able to cross the finish line!!!

Waiting for the start of the race!

The walking " 3K runners"! :)

Talk about being romantic....
I saw a guy at the finish line waving a placard saying
"Runner 3014...Will you marry me? "

A few minutes later and the guy's still waiting .... so cute talaga! :)
I didn't get to see what happened next
because my friends and I went to the booths already.

It's nice to get free stuff but because of the long lines (as usual)
and the heat, my friends and I decided to just have our pictures taken
at the photovendo booth.


  1. Wheee! Congratulations! Next time 5k na! :D

  2. congrats sis! that looks like a proposal :D (the guy with the banner) and yes, agree, sooooo cute!

  3. Allow me to share what happened to the proposal that happened

    Enjoy running!

  4. @ Bugoy

    super thanks sa link! :)



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