Thursday, June 24, 2010

Note Worthy

If Bridget Jones has a diary...then I'm going to have one also!!! :) I started contemplating on having one after I read an issue of Runner's World magazine a few days ago. The magazine got me motivated again. I love all the inspirational stories of ordinary people who excel in running , diet tips, running tips and product recommendations. It's so overwhelming actually but I'm learning a lot. One article discussed about having a training journal to keep runners motivated and focused. I think this is what I really need now. I've read about keeping a journal when dieting but I haven't tried it yet. So this time, I'm determined to have one so that I can achieve my ultimate goal in life (for now!) --- losing weight!

The journal can just be a wall calendar or an online diary.(I decided to just log mine in a planner.)
As suggested by Runner's World, these are the things that should be written down in a runner's training journal:

Mileage ( or time)
Routes and Terrain
Interval or Race Times
Temperature and Time

Morning weight
Aches or Pains

Food (before and after the run)
Goals (set targets daily, weekly and monthly)

For more tips, check out their cool website: Runner's World

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