Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nature Valley Run Pics @ PhotoVendo

I saw my running pictures from the Nature Valley Run @ PhotoVendo (via kulitrunner again!). And all I can say is that...NAKAKAHIYA!!!! NAKAKAHIYA AKO!!!! ha!ha! It's so embarrasing really! If someone's gonna blackmail me, all he has to do is just tell me that he'll post my Nature Valley Run (NVR) photos in facebook for all my friends to see! ha!ha!

How come others get to have great photovendo pics?????

Anyway, I will have to charge it to experience. :) And for the next race ( in case there' s photovendo again!), I will have to remind myself to....
1. always smile especially near the finish line because all the photographers are there...
2. always look at the camera when I see a photographer .....
3. not avoid the photographers because, whether I like it or not, they'll still click those cameras....
4. minimize blinking or else I'll get those "sleeping" pics again! ha!ha!
5. train more so that I won't have the "i'm-running-but-i'm-about-to-collapse look"!!!!!!!!!

By the way, despite the humiliation I felt, I still saved all my NVR photos for sentimental reasons! ha!ha! I think it would be nice to look back at them after I've joined several races....


  1. aww! or maybe if you wanted a good laugh, all you have to do is look at those pics eh?haha kidding!

    so at the end of the race they take pictures?!

  2. They told me they had hidden cameras but I saw a lot of photographers. Most of them were stationed near the finish line. I tried to avoid them but I realized that it's useless to do that. ha!ha!



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