Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Running Buddy

My sister woke me up super early today so that we could run together. Here's our conversation this morning:

Sis: Ate wake up! Let's run!
Me: Ayoko! Mukhang uulan!
Sis: Hindi Ate!!! Cloudy lang!
Me: No! It's gonna rainnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And after awhile...
Me: O sige...sama na ko!!! :)

So what's the point of this convo? People like me really need someone to force me to exercise. I could come up with a zillion of reasons why I should stay in bed...i'm still's gonna running shoes will get's sooo's school time and there are students in the campus already....etc etc.... But I guess the thought of seeing my sister arriving home after an hour of morning run was enough to push me out of bed.

Do you have a running buddy too?

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic!
It's ORSEM time again in campus! :)

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