Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jennifer Hudson: Weight Loss Tips

I saw chubby Jennifer Hudson when she was still a contestant in American Idol. That's why I'm so envious now that she has lost a lot of weight already....60 lbs! grabe!!! From size 22 to size 10!!!! omg! omg!omg!

Here are the weight loss tips I got:

1. cut out fried food
2. eat low fat, low calorie meals
3. meal: consists of palm size serving of protein, fiber and carbohydrate
4. staple food: green salad, grilled chicken, fish, cranberry juice
5. snacks: cashew, almonds, raisins

* Just like Jessica Simpson, she also hired Harley Pasternak, author of 5-Factor World Diet to help her lose weight.

1. workout: 4 am run followed by 4 sets (25 reps) of squats, push-ups and sit-ups.
2. walking for 45 minutes to an hour every night

My fave quote from Jenny:

“You can do it!” “I drink plenty of water, which I hate, but you gotta do it,” says Hudson. “As long as I can get in those cute little dresses, I’m happy.” [source: Us Weekly]


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  1. Weight Watches could not have choosen a better person than Jennifer Hudson to represent their company. She is truely a class act. One of the most humble and grounded young ladies in the business. People love her warm spirit, and wants to be in her space. A very honest and very sincere person.



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